Create Space for Your New Home

We'll help you with your new home construction project in the New Brockton, Enterprise & Ozark, AL areas

Are you planning a new home construction project in or around New Brockton, Enterprise or Ozark, AL? Brown's Lite Excavation, LLC is here to help with our excavation services. We'll help clear the space and put down the building pads needed to create a stable base.

Plus, we can assist with any debris hauling and general cleanup procedures. We use roll-off containers to collect any debris, and will safely haul it off once we're finished.

Contact us when you need excavation or debris hauling services for your new home construction project.

Assisting with your other projects

Our excavation services are available for more than just new home construction. We can also make space for:

  • Driveways
  • Home additions
  • Right-of-way land

You can even have us demolish any old structures to make way for new projects. Get in touch with us now to go over your excavation needs.