Shape the Land to Suit Your Needs

We offer skilled grading services in or around New Brockton, Enterprise & Ozark, AL

An uneven landscape can be more than just difficult to navigate. It could also cause some serious irrigation problems. Luckily, Brown's Lite Excavation, LLC in New Brockton, Enterprise and Ozark, AL can fix these issues with our land grading services.

We can adjust the slope and elevation of the soil around your property. This will:

  • Enhance your property's appearance
  • Make it easier and safer to get around
  • Improve the drainage and help prevent floods

Update your landscape today by getting a grading service from us.

Give your next project a solid foundation

Trying to build on uneven land can make your project much harder to finish. That's why we provide full site preparation services. We'll grade the land at your new build site so you'll have a flat, solid foundation to build on.

This is especially useful when you need to construct a new:

  • Building pad
  • Driveway
  • Culvert

Ready to get your construction project started on the right foot? Schedule a site preparation service now.