Clean Up Your Wooded Areas

Hire us for land clearing services in New Brockton, Enterprise, Ozark, AL or the surrounding area

Is overgrown vegetation starting to overrun your property? Need to clear space on your land for a new construction project? Let Brown's Lite Excavation, LLC in New Brockton, Enterprise and Ozark, AL take care of your land maintenance needs.

We handle all the cleanup work needed for large plots of land to look their best or to get them ready for any kind of construction work. You can also have us take care of any post-construction cleanup once the project is finished.

Team up with us whenever you need land maintenance.

Clearing your land quickly and effectively

Land clearing is an ideal process to get rid of any unwanted vegetation on your property. With our mulching methods, we can get rid of:

  • Trees
  • Brush
  • Overgrowth

Need help getting your land professionally cleaned up? Make use of our land clearing services today.